The Dog Pack

The Mount Airy Dog Park
The Mount Airy Dog Park

Most of Lia’s adventures start here. I can be found here most mornings between 8 and 9

Gypsy Foo la Beenz

Meet the latest member of my pack, resident wild child, Gypsy Foo la Beenz, AKA “Jaws,” “Gator Girl,” “Piranha Princess,” and “One-Eyed Zombie Swamp Monster.” Pay no attention to the eviscerated remains of her stuffed zoo in the background.

She became mine when good friend, Martha Cullins Dourson, brought her to the park in a blanket-lined laundry basket in November, 2015. She’s adorable, affectionate and the smartest dog I’ve ever known. I’ll chronicle her puppy days in Book 7, when I kill off one of Martha’s relations.



Shadda, AKA "Viola"
Shadda, AKA “Viola”

Shadda was my middle child until Max passed away. Now she’s queen of the roost and makes sure everyone knows it. She’s the model for Viola in the series. My neighbor found her hiding under a picnic table in Mount Airy Forest, in February during the rain when she was a puppy. She didn’t know what dog food was, so I had to teach her. She is a teensy bit schizophrenic. I’ve given her many names over the years, from Squeaky Underfoot to Little Miss Mayhem and Ninja Puppy. She likes to lurk in dark places.






Chewy AKA Chewbacca Wonderpup, Master of Confusion

Chewy is my Little Man (or Little Brat) He came into my life one November when he wandered into the yard and tried to play with my neighbor’s leashed (and unfriendly) pittie. I heard him screaming and ran outside to help my neighbor wrest him from the Jaws of Death. He’s friendly, curious, and loves young children. I kept trying to find him a good home, and every time I did, it fell through. By the time the holidays were over and the local schnauzer rescue called me back, I was in love with him and wouldn’t give him up.




Sam, AKA "Honey"
Sam, AKA “Honey”

Same was abandoned in Mount Airy Forest when the economy tanked in 2008. Many people dumped dogs that year, and those of use who frequent the forest wind up homing them. He was the perfect Golden. Sweet, affectionate, got along well with children, cats and dogs and very healthy. Someone must have kept him crated all the time because his back legs were weak and he had trouble getting up and down steps at first. I fell in love with him, but I three dogs is absolutely my limit. So my friend Angie and I drove him to  GRRAND,in Louisville. He found a home for  in 72 hours.


Max was my companion from December, 2000, to June, 2014. She’s the model for the cover of A Shot in the Bark” and the star of Maximum Security. She is another one of my neighbor’s rescues. He found her a week before Christmas in the McFarlin Woods section of Mount Airy Forest. She was infested with hundreds of fleas and had sores covering all four legs.

She was staying in the basement until Rudy could get her into the vet. I had just lost my beloved Beez and did not want another dog. Every day, Rudy suggested I say hello to her. Every day I said, “I don’t want another dog.” On the third day, he said “Carol, you don’t have to keep her, just say hi.” I said, “Okay, but I’m NOT taking her.” I went down and took one look in her eyes and I was gone.

Six months later, I was struck by a car, suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury and extensive soft tissue damage. I was in pain constantly and hardly able to move or think straight. Max got in my face twice a day and made me take her out. I was in pain for three years until finally went away. I’m convince I am pain-free today because Max kept me moving.

Max died of old age in the summer of 2014. After she was cremated, I put a few pieces of her bones into a remembrance necklace. Her ashes rode shotgun in the car, her favorite thing, until summer of 2015. True to her escape artist ways, she disappeared. I’d always said they’d have to nail down the lid of her coffin to keep her from escaping. It’s nice to know I was right.


Kita AKA Drool Baby

Kita was a dog park regular while I was writing Drool Baby, and she is featured on the cover and in the book.








"Jim" with Fleece
“Jim” with Fleece


Fleece has now passed on to that great dog park in the sky. “Jim” is my oldest dog park friend, and for years we spent our morning together. “Jim” now has a new dog..









This is Chester, “Jim’s” other dog. He’s a champion beggar. He is  universally proclaimed President of the dog park. No dog is allowed in our pack without his approval.







Champion digger, Jackson. “Terry” proclaims him Mayor of the dog park.








Jackson’s adopted sister, Napa. She’s a great kisser.








This gentle giant is the youngest of Jose’s three dogs. I would add the other two to the books, but I get enough complaints as it is from people who can’t keep all the dogs straight!

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  1. Loved first book. I scroll the free kindle offers. Was so taken with your dog park universe that I parted with $ to buy the 2nd one. Haha! All of our babies except one are rescues. That one is a lab who was given to me by 3 of my former students (siblings) two years ago. What a house we have: my daughter, two labs, three cats. Recently lost the first cat, Cat, who “found” us. So sad but such good memories. Thank you so much for your writing!

    Debby & Johnny & Sophie & Luci-fer & Thompson & Pyowacket

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