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Summer Indie Reads

Summer Reads Bonanza – Indie Series Starters and Anthologies

This page is a love story.  in 2011, I threw A Shot in the Bark up on Amazon. I had no clue what I was doing. I wasn’t alone. There were a thousand like me congregating in the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) forum, all trying to figure out this new world. Unfortunately, people who reported successes often wound up with a slew of 1* troll reviews on Amazon. Bobbi Holmes messaged me on Facebook one day in 2012 and said she wanted to start a private group where serious self-publishers could share their experiences without fear of retribution. We named this group The Retreat.

We have become family.

This page lists series starters from some of our members. Many are free or priced at $.99. I’ve also included four Retreat short story anthologies (2 are free). There is also  a romance box set that includes one of our authors, with the proceeds designated   for a good cause.

Click on any of the covers to read a preview on Amazon. NOTE: Prices are subject to change. 2nd NOTE: The covers with preview links are not showing up if you are viewing this post through a third party, such as Goodreads, or via email. Surf on over to the site for the full effect.


End of the Road

This is a multi-genre anthology of short stories on the theme of “the end of the road.” My own contribution became the prologue for Maximum Security.

Roads end. They begin somewhere, too. In between, all manner of things happen: friendship, betrayal, horror and maybe even joy. For some, the End of the Road brings love and happiness, for others agony and suffering, and for a precious few, sorrow may lead to something revelatory. The potholes and pitfalls found in this anthology are many, but for every character, there is an end of the road.

This road ends in a collection of short stories by 25 of the most gifted writers of our time. Intended for lovers of short fiction everywhere, the End of the Road is a must read for anyone intent on keeping current with the literary scene.

Contributing authors: Brandon Hale, Robert Thomas, Saxon Andrew, James Rozoff, Anna J. McIntyre, Donna B. McNicol, Randall Morris, James Rozoff, Alison Blake, Jeanette Raleigh, L. S. Burton, Jess Mountifield, C. A. Newsome, J R C Salter, Michael Meyer, E. B. Boggs, David A. Cuban, Scott Langrel, John Daulton, Kathleen Steed, Chris Ward, Jacques Antoine, Suzie O’Connell, Thomas Jenner, Angeline Perkins

The Kiss

Another multi-genre offering with each story centered around a kiss. Bonus: a Colleen Hoover story in the Slammed universe.

A kiss is a simple communication. It can also be an exchange, a betrayal, an assault, a promise, a hope…or it could be a goodbye. The intimacy of a kiss cannot be denied. Whether shared, stolen or simply dreamed of, its recipient will be affected. Thirty-one stories by authors from around the world will tease your imagination as you anticipate ‘The Kiss’ in each weird or wonderful tale.

This cross-genre anthology contains stories by Kate Aaron, Saxon Andrew, Jacques Antoine, Alison Blake, E. B. Boggs, Shirley Bourget, Ben Cassidy, Jason Deas, Sharon Delarose, Meghan Ciana Doidge, Suzy Stewart Dubot, Corrie Fischer, Brandon Hale, Traci Tyne Hilton, Colleen Hoover, Mona Ingram, J.L. Jarvis, Elizabeth Jasper, Anna J. McIntyre, Jess Mountifield, C. A. Newsome, S. Patrick O’Connell, Suzie O’Connell, Jeanette Raleigh, J. R. C. Salter, Molly Snow, Holli Marie Spaulding, Cleve Sylcox, Robert Thomas, Chris Ward and George Wier.


Bobbi Holmes – The Ghost of Marlow House, Haunting Danielle #1 

$.99 (13 Book Series) Bobbi is a veteran writer who started self-publishing back in the days when that meant a garage full of books that you hoped you could sell before they mildewed. She is the sister I’ve never met. One of the drawbacks of working at home is no one to have coffee with.  Bobbi and I have frequent chats via Messenger when we need a break. In Haunting Danielle, Danielle Boatman  discovers  a flirtatious Flapper era ghost named Walt in residence when she decides to turn Marlow House into a seaside bed and breakfast. It’s the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Their first job: Discover who killed Walt, and why.

Read this fun series in sequence. Each story builds on the last as Danielle’s life becomes increasingly complicated with new friends, new ghosts, and new murders.






Nick Russell – Big Lake, Big Lake #1

$3.99 (11 Book Series) Nick looks like a big teddy bear (okay, a short, wide teddy-bear, or as he prefers, “dwarf-portly”). Don’t let his looks fool you. Nick is the guy I want at my back in dark alleys. This New York Times best seller is a Vietnam War hero, a former criminal investigator for the Arizona attorney general, and a long-time newsman. His books are  humorous, fast paced reflections of the chaos real cops deal with, as sheriff Jim Weber wades through trigger-happy preppers, delinquent teenagers, a nymphomaniac suspect and a bombastic mayor out for his badge as he searches for the person who shot his brother in law and took off with S300, 000. An essential truth in Jim Weber’s world: Tough guys do cry.

C. A. Newsome – A Shot in the Bark, Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries #1

FREE! (6 Book Series) This is my series, just in case you found this post through one of the other authors and have no clue who I am. You know the people you see at the dog park every day? The ones you talk to more than you talk to your own family? The ones you know nothing about? One of Lia’s dog park friends is a serial killer, and this special friend has decided to do Lia a very special favor. If you enjoy A Shot in the Bark, you can get the next book in the series, Drool Baby, by signing up for my newsletter.

Billy Kring  Hunter Kincaid Mystery #1: QUICK

$4.99 (5 Book Series) Billy is another former border patrol agent with a grittier style featuring  Hunter Kincaid, a badass female border patrol agent in West Texas. Not for the faint of heart.

D. B. McNicol – Not a Whisper, Klondike Mystery #1

$3.99 (2 Book Series) Sparks fly when When Cherie Marshall meets  State Trooper Fire Marshall Jamison “Jazz” Maddox at the scene of a mysterious fire. They soon find themselves in the middle of a local crime wave where arson, kidnapping, embezzlement and a decades old murder are just the tip of the iceberg.

Zoey & Claire Kane – The Riddles of Hillgate, Z & C Mysteries #1

$.99 (7 book series ) Zany good fun: Zoey and Claire must appease a riddle-happy ghost if they are ever to  complete their plan to turn an old mansion into a hotel.


Jacques Antoine – Girl Fights Back, Emily Kane Adventure #1

$3.99 (7 Book Series )  Jacques was inspired to write this series by his daughter’s pursuit of martial arts. Emily Kane’s life is sheltered and quiet. Her only passion is the martial arts. An attack by a trained assassin exposes family secrets as well as Emily’s inherent, previously unrealized, and alarming talent for mayhem. The only thing more terrifying than the men hunting her is what she may discover about herself.


Colleen Hoover – Slammed (Slammed #1)

7.99 (3 Book Series and numerous stand-alones) I  first met Colleen when she was under attack in the KDP forums. She’d just released Slammed, and other forum members decided she’d faked or bought the 50 5-star reviews that popped up on Amazon the first week it was out (No, it was just that good). A few months later it wound up on the New York Times best seller list (She’s been a regular on that list every since) and she signed with Simon & Schuster. Now hordes of young women riot at airports around the world when she flies in for a book signing. Colleen’s world has gone crazy but she remains kind and generous and down to earth and fun. Her secret sauce: Colleen draws on her years as a social worker to give you relatable young people fighting the kind of challenges she encountered in her years as a social worker, and she draws her characters so well you can’t help but ache for them. Prepare to cry fat, ugly tears.

Colleen also has a Free Novella

Suzie O’Connell – The Abalone Shell, Sea Glass Cove #1

$3.99 Suzie is well known for her Montana romances. She’s also a fabulous photographer and her shots of big sky country on Facebook are a treat. This is the first book in her new series. If you like cowboy romances, check out the box set below. You’ll find her first book, Mountain Angel and five other full-length titles.

Kiss Me Cowboy

$.99 (6 book box set) Six Western Romance authors have joined up to support  veterans through their favorite charity — Heroes & Horses — and offer you this sexy box set with Six Full Length Contemporary Cowboy Novels, filled with steamy kisses and Happy Endings.

Mona Ingram- Forever Changed, Forever #1

Free! (8 novella series) Mona had a long career as a mid-list author of sweet romances before she took the reins in her career and started self-publishing. Each book in the Forever series features a different woman and explores the common theme of a major life change, and how that change leads to an enduring love. Set in and around Victoria on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, many of the characters appear in more than one book, affording a sense of continuity. There are no cliff-hangers. The entire series is also available as a box set.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013QFWB7K

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B013QFWB7K

iTunes:         https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1029462089

B&N:            http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1122504242

Kobo:            https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/forever-changed-7

Author’s website:   http://www.monaingram.com


Stephen Arseneault

Free! (Stephen has 38 books in the several  series that comprise his universe) Stephen’s books span millennia of wars and interplanetary politics in a style reminiscent of the golden age of sci-fi.



T R Harris

$.99 (19 book series) Since the dawn of science fiction, aliens have always been stronger and more powerful than  humans. When Adam Cain’s ship is hijacked by aliens he didn’t know existed, he discovers power he didn’t expect. Sounds great, right? The problem? There’s only one of him. Roam far galaxies with Adam as he kicks butt and takes names.

Jess Mountefield

$.99 (5 Book Series) Jess is the originator of Adamanta, a multi-author sci-fi series that follows a rag-tag military unit fighting for the survival of the human race. Their secret weapon is Adamanta, a recently discovered metal that can be controlled by thought alone. Their mastery of the metal is a small ray of hope in an otherwise unwinnable struggle.

Use this clever link to by Adamanta at your choice of Amazon stores: – http://smarturl.it/Adamantaep1

Chris Wood

Free! (4 Book Series) In a dystopian future, London tunnel rats—tube riders—are the only hope to topple a corrupt government whose depredations are only beginning.


Meghan Ciana Doidge

Free! (6 Book Series with 2 spin off series) Meghan is my Canadian BFF (buried somewhere on Facebook are photos of us sharing a booth at BookExpo 2016). She writes urban fantasy with chocolate. I’m not sure how that works with dog park detectives, but we share a lot of fans. Jade is a twenty-something half-witch, who thinks her only talent lies in baking cupcakes and making pretty trinkets. When a vampire and a group of shapeshifters show up at her bakery, she discovers how very wrong she is – and not only about her meager magic. Jade’s only defense against this onslaught of betrayal, black magic, and murder is her trinkets, sarcastic wit, and substantial chocolate stash. The Dowser Series is a wickedly fun read full of magic and mayhem.

Amazon Smart URL (non affiliate): hyperurl.co/vzd5on

Web page: http://www.madebymeghan.ca/cupcakes-trinkets-and-other-deadly-magic

Steve Hammond

$3.99 (6 Book Series) An ancient race of penguin has reemerged and is determined to drive the human presence away from Antarctica and exact revenge for  atrocities against penguinkind. Only Lavour questions the motives of his Overlord. But can one penguin bring an end to the bloodshed and change their course of probable annihilation and restore peace?

Trish Dawson

FREE! (6 Book Series) When Piper commits suicide, she winds up at the Station, a place where she is given the opportunity to redeem herself by becoming the conscience of someone at risk of making the same choice. ill-equipped and facing an eternity in a personal hell, Piper will learn more about living than she ever knew when she was alive.



AMAZON https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008S2RKAU

NOOK/B&N https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dying-to-forget-trish-dawson/1112546430?ean=2940152261073

APPLE/iBooks https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/dying-to-forget/id1025016025?mt=11

KOBO https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/dying-to-forget-book-1-of-the-station-series

Kristie Haigwood

$.99 (3 Book Series) Heaven and Hell are out of balance and war is brewing. Love exists in the afterlife. What happens when it crosses enemy lines? These books are love stories as much as they are fantasies and stories of redemption.

John Daulton

$.99 (5 Book Series) Good old-fashioned mages … with aliens. Worlds apart, Altin and Orli share a destiny, but neither knows the other is alive. The Hostiles know. And they have other plans.

Brandon Hale

Free! (4 book series) Despite his love of horror, Brandon is possibly the most pure soul I have ever known and has only become more so since we met. In Day Soldiers, Vamps and werewolves have ended millennia of hiding and joined forces in a war against humanity. While this series is good paranormal/horror/adventure fun, it also considers the larger questions of war in a thoughtful way.

The Bitten

$4.99 Vampire, Werewolves and Spooks, oh my! I helped Jess Mountifield organize this anthology in 2014. Previous Retreat anthologies were free, intended as a fun way to share a bit of ourselves with readers. We needed to make money with this one. Fun, funny Brandon quit his job some months earlier to write full time. Then he was struck down by an obscure variety of colon cancer. His life since that time has been a battle as horrific as any ever described in the pages of one of his beloved horror novels. It’s a battle that rages on today, and one that has left Brandon and his wife Laura struggling to make ends meet. It has been humbling to witness their courage and the love that this devastating disease has been unable to shake. We put this anthology together in the hope that it would provide a measure of ongoing financial support for this amazing couple.

Jeanette Raleigh

FREE! ( 2 Book Series, with book 3 due out any day) Two untrained elemental sisters must put aside their differences and work together if they are to protect family secrets and rescue the third sister from a vile next of vampires.

Randy Morris

$3.99 (3 Book Series) Follow Shadow, Leech, and Lilith as they fight angels, nephilim, and sometimes other demons on the path to become minor demons.

Flights of Fantasy – Anthology

$.99 This collection of wintry tales mixes the strange and the macabre, and swirls in a touch of holiday magic. Captured within a globe of dancing mists, these stories take the reader across the worlds of Fairie and alien alike, while Texas-sized dreams fill the void of a lifetime across the fields of hardship. This varied collection touches the heart and fuels the soul to bring these worlds to life, at winter’s edge.


Cameron Lowe

$2.99 (5 Book Series) Cameron is the funniest guy I know. I stalk him on Facebook just to catch transcripts of his conversations with his pug, Yoda. Blending suspense, the supernatural, and romance, the Rankin Flats supernatural thrillers follow Garrett, friend the dead, as he and his ghostly best friend take on shapeshifters, serial killers, and mystical cannibals out to make Garrett their next meal. Their lives are thrown into more upheaval when the fiery Brianna comes back to their city, leaving Garrett wondering if he can still live a vigilante’s life and have happiness too. Though at times dark and gruesome, the Rankin Flats novels are really about finding a hand in the darkness. Fans of Dean Koontz or Robert McCammon in particular might find a lot to love here.

Scott Langrel

FREE! (7 Book Series) Finn McCoy is a paranormal handler. He handles things that ordinary paranormal investigators can’t or won’t, and he often ends up cleaning up behind them. For fifteen years, McCoy has turned his back on his hometown of Shallow Springs, Virginia, and the dark secrets the town harbors. But now an evil, unstoppable force has been unleashed on the unsuspecting residents of the town, and McCoy finds himself the only thing standing between the town and total destruction.

James Rozoff

$3.99 (2 Book Series ) Ambitious young magician Doug Slattery enters a Faustian deal with the mysterious Ashavan. In return for finding seven powerful stones, Ashavan will cough up his secrets. The pair soon realizes they’re in over their heads and the stones would be better left buried. That’s no longer an option: Larger events have now been set in motion and a clock is ticking.