Sneak Thief (Book 4)


When Lia takes on a part-time job at Scholastic Scoring Systems, her bonus is murder.

Starving artist Lia Anderson makes a new friend at her seasonal job scoring academic proficiency tests. Desiree is a sassy, pocket-sized sexpot and owner of a larcenous beagle named Julia. Desiree also has a secret admirer who leaves her tiny figurines sculpted from twisted aluminum foil. The friendship falls afoul when the pair discovers a connection in their past, a secret Lia’s detective boyfriend, Peter Dourson, kept from her.

When Desiree is murdered, Lia not only winds up with the woman’s kleptomaniac beagle, she also inherits her stalker. On the outs with Peter and with the police on the wrong track, Lia will have to rely on her wits and her friends if she wants to stay alive.

79,000 words

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Readers say:

“C. A. Newsome mixes a little bit of humor, drama, romance and everyday life into each of her stories and Sneak Thief is another great read in her growing collection. The twists and missteps by the police and amateur detectives are both funny and scarily real. Too many people don’t pay attention to their pets moods or actions and it’s wonderful to see so many intuitive cues taken from master to pet and verse versa, albeit in print. This woman wears her dog-hair with pride. She also isn’t afraid to dabble in New age juju, so cozy up to your furry babies and read a wholesome book. You’ll be glad you did!”
Abbie Thackrah

“The characters are believable and one can relate to them. The story line always has some twists that leave you always surprised by “who done it.” This is not a dark, heavy, violent mystery. This is a wonderful light-hearted read, a real page turner.”
Amazon Customer

“I was hooked on the first page. Fast moving and unpredictable, another great read in this series from C. A. Newsome.”
Jan White

“This group of friends make me laugh and their willingness to support one another though murder and mayhem is a delight.”
Reader of the Pack


Dogs, romance, and the occasional dead body

Julia-Sad pop up