Muddy Mouth (Book 5)


Lia expects fireworks for the Fourth of July.  Can murder be far behind?

Northside’s Fourth of July parade is famous, and this year the dog park gang is training their fur-babies to participate while Lia builds a float promoting local best-selling author Lucas Cross.

When Lucas disappears at a book convention, the entire world is watching. Then attacks occur against the ladies of Fiber and Snark, the cat-rescuing knitting club that manages his career. Lia is the only one they can trust to discover the truth while protecting their secrets.

It’s the dog park gang to the rescue. But can Lia maintain her deepening relationship with Peter when she’s hiding something so important from him?

63,000 words



 Coming March 2. Now available for pre-order on Amazon. Other vendors coming soon!


Dogs, romance, and the occasional dead body

Julia-Sad pop up