Maximum Security (Book 3)


It’s not like she’s going to do anything dangerous . . .

When Detective Peter Dourson arrests a nice stranger for the brutal murder of a dog park regular, he begs his girlfriend, artist Lia Anderson, to stay out of it. But her best patron takes the woman under her wing, and Renee insists her new friend needs help. Lia isn’t going to do much, just ask a few questions. Surely that won’t lead to trouble.

Besides, she’s got an escape-artist foster dog to deal with. Not to mention Peter’s desire for a commitment she’s not ready to make.

Lia’s dog park friends refuse to be left out in this romp of a mystery laced with humor, dogs, and love.

(about 70,000 words)

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Readers say:

“I chose 5 stars because I couldn’t put the book down. I have read all of Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries. I am so hooked on them that I can not stop reading the book until I get to the end. C.A. Newsome’s books come to life while reading them. I started out on Book 1 of the Dog Park Mysteries and within 3 days I had read all the books she has written of the Dog Park Mysteries.”

C. A. Newsome is a great a writer. I loved all 4 of her books about Lia Anderson and her journey of learning to love and trust Peter and finding out about herself. The books were interesting, intriguing and suspenseful and held my attention. Loved the different characters in the books and how they managed to get along with different opinions and were accepting of each other.
Beverly Hyhe

Dogs, romance, and the occasional dead body

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