I’m So Ashamed

Gypsy gets her cardio with regular bouts of wrestling.

Exercise is important, critically so for folks who spend as much time at the computer as I do. I know this. I know what to do and how to do it. I have done it and I know how much better I feel when I keep my blood moving.

Last fall I was in the groove. Maybe not an Olympic groove, but I resumed old routines and was on my way to wellness. Bicycling a couple miles 3 days a week with an eye to building my stamina, 20 minutes or more at my treadmill desk every day, and a yoga routine called The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, AKA The Five Rites.

Then I realized I was not going to make my deadline for Muddy Mouth. I scrapped the exercise, loaded up on the healthiest microwave food I could find, and hunkered down.

That was in November. The book came out in digital format March 2nd. I emerged to find dozens of dropped balls and smoldering fires. I had a convention coming up. I still had to format the print edition.

By the time I could breathe, six months had passed and a flight of steps had me huffing like a freight train. I told myself Gypsy’s weekly classes in obedience and agility were a good start and put “Start Exercising” in my planning app. That was three weeks ago.

Today I listened to Stephen Campbell’s interview with Colleen M.Story on The Author Biz. In the middle of it, I got up, took the dogs out for their afternoon pee, then hopped on my treadmill for the first time since November. Colleen is an expert on author wellness and makes the point that caring for our selves physically will enhance the quality and quantity of our work.

It is my intent to put my health before my books from now on. For the record, here are the items on my wellness list:

Varier Variable Balans chair

I gave up my monthly visits to the chiropractor when I bought this chair. There are many kneeling chairs around for much less than this one, but the rocker is essential to keep your spine fluid. Even without exercise, I kept back pain away with this chair. Yes, it can get hard on the shins after a while. You can always plant your feet on the floor if you aren’t ready to take a break.

The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

I can’t say enough about this yoga program. It is designed for people who are older, are sedentary and have not exercised for a very long time, if ever. Yet you can build it into a great 20 minute workout. You can find web-sites and videos devoted to this practice all over the web. I prefer the original book because it talks about adapting the routine to your current fitness level and includes detailed instructions for each of the five rites.

LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

I have several friends who write on this desk. I have one as well, though I use it to watch webinars and online classes or listen to podcasts. Either way, it’s a handy way to get your blood moving. The conclusion in my group is that the TR1200-DT5 is the best option for quality, features and price.

Schwinn Siro

Yes, I bought my bike on Amazon. If you choose to purchase a bike online, be sure to take it to your local bike shop and pay them to assemble and fine-tune it. I love this bike. It’s comfortable, the gears shift well and you can’t beat the cool sea foam green paint. After my run in with the Ford Taurus, I am no fan of riding on streets. I stick to Spring Grove Cemetery and Mount Airy Forest. The roads are lightly traveled, the posted speeds are low and the scenery is food for the soul. I love it so much that I bought one of these for Gypsy:

Walky Dog Plus

We made our first foray yesterday. I walked the bike with Gypsy clipped to the lead to get her used to it first, then went for a short, slow ride. She loved it.

Me, I have some yoga to do.

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