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Join artist and dog lover Lia Anderson,  her detective beau, Peter Dourson, and Lia’s dog park friends as they and their canine companions take down killers in Cincinnati’s Northside.

Newsome’s mutt of a mystery series combines murder, love, humor and warmth for a romp that is unpredictable, relateable and fun.

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FUR BOYS (Book 6)





50 thoughts on “Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries”

  1. Just finished a Shot in the Bark. Greatly enjoyed it. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Thank you for an enjoyable read. Peg

  2. I so enjoyed your books!! I made the liver/corn bread recipe and my dogs love it. Now i want to make it again and can’t find the recipe. Please post it for my precious pups!!

  3. Puree a pound of liver (food processor or blender) add in a box of cornbread mix (you can add a little water if necessary), once it’s mixed, bake in a greased, square cake pan according to the directions on the box. That’s the quick version. The details are on page 217 (74%)of Drool Baby.

  4. Just left ya Five Stars on Kindle Amazon.
    Thanks for the story! Gonna follow Lia and all the puppies along the way!
    I must listen more closely to the folks in my own Dog Park lest there be a serial killer in our midst ,tee hee

    1. Thanks for writing. I can’t answer that question because it will ruin book 2, Drool Baby. You can get a free copy of the ebook version of Drool Baby by signing up for my mailing list. Just click on Chewy’s nose on any page on this site to get started.

  5. I enjoyed the first three book very much! Recently got Sneak Thief. Know it will be as great as the others. I have two dogs, so I always love a good “dog story”. Keep writing!

    1. Lovely suggestion. Baby Girl is showing her spirit now that she’s settling in. Front runners for names are currently “Miss Jeff” and “Jaws”

  6. I have read all 4 of your dog park mysteries and WANT MORE. I really love your books….and dogs! Thank you for adding a great deal of pleasure to my stressed life. <3

  7. I liked your book enough to get a free copy of your 2nd book. I’m glad I picked it up. I’m a writer myself & I’m just about finished with my 5 volumes.

    1. The killer is revealed in Drool Baby. I’m not telling because it would ruin the book.

      Click on Chewy’s picture in the sidebar (or bottom of page if you’re on mobile) He’s the adorable schnauzer in the red bandana. You will be directed to sign up for my mailing list. If you recently signed up on a mailing list in connection with a giveaway, that list is an experiment in marketing. Chewy’s list is for folks who have read my books. sign up for this one and after you click the confirmation link, you will receive detailed instructions in the welcome email for downloading the book at Smashwords. Don’t worry about being on two lists, if you are, I’ll delete duplications.

      Thanks for reading!

  8. Hi. I am reading A Shot in the Bark and I am writing to let you know that Colombia in South America is not spelled Columbia. Otherwise, it’s a cute book.

  9. Enjoyed the first book in the series. Well written. Plot is a little thin. 4 stars. I have 5 pups and have done pit bull rescue. Looking forward to Drool Baby

  10. Always love dog’s names. My 11 year old black Havanese, with white feet and chest is:
    Halle Bari (aka – “another beautiful black and white female”)
    My creative daughter is responsible for the name.

  11. I just finished reading shot in the bark.great book am looking forward to reading all of the others. Keep up with the greats reads.

  12. I just finished Shot in the Bark. I am so hooked. It’s refreshing to read an exciting .clean book for a change. Looking forward to reading your next (#2) book. Thank you so very much. 😇

    1. Thank you. And thanks for loaning me your dress last Halloween! I would post a picture but can’t figure out how to do it.

  13. You have a real knack for making all the characters behave differently. I especially love each one’s varied sense of humor. And empathy. Pain can reach a tipping point and then just overwhelm you. When she was painting the cactus the second time (in SitB) my kindle got really blurry for some reason.

    Thought the drinks were called “mojitos”? Now to go check my email and read Drool Baby!

    1. Eek! Where is it? I’ve got to squash that pesky mohito like a mosquito! Send your address to if you’d like one of my special “Team Lia Proofreader” mugs, an exclusive for folks who are the first to point out errors in my books.

  14. I am loving these books…..getting ready to start the third…signed up even though I already downloaded and read “Drool Baby” before taking advantage of the free offer!…I also have rescue dogs, currently a pair of sisters…Walker hounds…Phoebe Nell and Gracie May…thanks for a fun series…..

  15. Just finished Shot in the Bark. Very well done, love it when a mystery keeps you guessing and this one sure is.

    Enjoyed finding someone whose name is so close to mine. Haha! I have initialed many documents CAN back when I was able to work.

    Have tried to get the next book, Baby Drool, but can’t get it downloaded to my Kindle app on my Samsung Tablet. I usually just click on ebooks or Kindle and they are ready to read. I have tried several times. I REALLY , REALLY WANT THIS BOOK . PLEASE HELP ME !
    I have tried to get the next book free but can’t get it done. I use Kindle app on a Samsung Tablet. I always get ebooks. What should I use
    On the place it is free? PLEASE HELP. I REALLY,REALLY WANT THIS BOOK.

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